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Wonder Struck Review

Wonderstruck - Brian Selznick

Despite Wonderstruck's 630 pages, over 460 of those pages are illustrations, but I still believe this fact attests to Wonderstruck's ability to keep its reader engaged and entertained.


I enjoyed this book because of the following reason;

Wonderstruck is two stories in one: it is Ben's story, and it is Rose's story. With the former's being told in words, and the latter's being told in illustrations, this textile tale takes two youngsters, a book, a turtle, a bookstore, a museum, and several supporting characters and blends them perfectly to ultimately make one beautiful, symmetrical story.
As the story carefully unfolds, we learn that Ben is deaf in one ear, and Rose is deaf completely. Ben has recently lost his mother, and is now anxious to find out all he can about his father, whom his mother never told him about. After finding a few clues in his mother's bedroom, Ben goes off to New York in search of his father.
Meanwhile, Rose, always feeling like she doesn't belong anywhere, is obsessed with a movie starlet. Thanks to a newspaper article, Rose ends up going to see this actress during one of her stage shows in New York.
Although their stories are fifty years apart, both characters go on almost the exact same journey and end up in many of the same places, and the reader is left feeling nothing short of amazement when all is revealed and each character finds what they've been so desperate to have which is love and a sense of belonging.

This book had a very unique writing style compared to all the other books that i have read over the past few years of my life which was why it caught my eye. 


I recommend this book to a reader who is looking for a writing style different than the usual type.